Passionate changemakers who will inspire and encourage other young people to step up and take-action, GenZero are young leaders providing insights, ideas, youth networks and resources that will help chart the future course of Zero Positive.


The GenZero vision is to create a movement of young people who will fight for climate action and education.

Passionate changemakers, the Zero Positive Youth Advisory Board — GenZero — is run and led by a group of dedicated, inspiring young people who are standing up to take action in their schools and communities, through Zero Positive, on issues of sustainability and climate change.

Events and initiatives organised by the Board include beach clean-ups, tree planting, conferences, video content to inspire other young people, and more. The GenZero team know that there are many young people who want to start making a difference, but don’t have the role models, support or connections to be part of creating positive change, or to start their own projects.


Younger people are, understandably, worried about the future of their planet. Without the power or support they need to get things done, many simply worry about what will happen as the world’s leaders simply add hot air to the debate about carbon emissions.

GenZero is on a mission: to equip young people with the knowledge and support they need to tackle the climate crisis in a positive and actionable way.

They aim to inspire the next generation of climate leaders, empowering exceptional people and building community, as they support the Zero Positive mission of reaching net-zero emissions in our school system through community-level climate solutions.

They also advise Zero Positive and Student Councils on how to better engage young people around climate education and, through GenZero Ambassadors, raise awareness of the Zero Positive for Schools program as they build support for GenZero at associated events.


Ariana Doolan

Youth Program Coordinator

Passionate about young people and education, Ariana is an environmentalist, educator, entrepreneur and actress. From her experience working in schools, and her degree in business and environmental science, she believes that knowledge and education give us the power to change the world. Her involvement in the film and tv industry has also convinced her that the media can influence people’s behaviours and motivate them to collaborate and advocate for positive change: “If we can reach young people through the media, we can encourage them to make a positive change for the environment”.

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Connor Keogh

Connor is only 17 and has already gained a wealth of knowledge in policy and politics. During his time as a youth member for Glasshouse in 2021, Connor realised just how influential young people can be in decision-making processes. He believes if we advocate for positive change, we will get there — but we need all the help we can get. Connor has recently found his passion for the environment and can’t wait to lead the next generation of environmental advocates.

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Zac Shakespeare

Zac Shakespeare has always had a passion for creating a positive difference in the world. As a former Ocean Youth ambassador, he enjoyed educating the community on all things sea life and making sure people are aware of the impact’s climate change is having on our largest carbon sink. He’s also an avid diver and diving instructor which has fuelled his fire to save the ocean after seeing the devasting impacts of coral bleaching. During high school Zac was chosen to participate in the international youth forum where he was able to share his ideas on ways to improve our relationship with our natural environment. Zac is excited to be part of GenZero and can’t wait to start making an impact in the lives of young people!

Hamish White

Hamish has always loved the outdoors and never misses the chance to explore nature. If Hamish isn’t playing cricket on the weekend, you’ll find him hiking mountains and walking treks. He currently studies Law and Journalism at QUT and works part-time for Evolve Environmental Solutions. Hamish is always volunteering his time and skills to organisations making a positive change for the environment. Tree planting is one of his favourite activities and enjoys organising environmental events. Without Hamish GenZero’s Planet Saving Trivia event would have not been the success it was! We are so grateful to have Hamish as an ambassador.

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Holly Summers

Holly Summers is a trainee environmental consultant and is most passionate about marine conservation. She has a considerable amount of experience working in this field and is currently a marine education officer and board member for Humpbacks and High-Rises. Aware of the impact climate change is having on our ocean and sea life, she believes that creating young environmental advocates is essential for a prospering planet. Holly has worked alongside other young advocates during her time in the youth parliament and hopes to see many more environmentalists emerge.


Sam Lundberg

Sam is a keen environmental activist who has joined GenZero to help shape the modern approach to climate change by inspiring and educating the next generation. During Sam’s time as school captain he realised strong leadership is a critical step in motivating young people to take action for the climate. Sam’s interests and expertise are and not limited to entrepreneurship, economics, and technology. He believes these fields are essential in resolving climate issues, Sam currently studies Law and Commerce at Monash University and seeks to use these degrees as tools to support and develop environmental action. Sam believes “Behaviour is based on our beliefs and our beliefs are based on our education, thus, by teaching, showing and inspiring generations toward a greener future we unleash the most powerful form of change – behavioural change”.

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Isabella Lewis

Invested in all thing’s media, Isabella has a passionate flair for building the bridges between environmental science and the arts. Isabella has recently graduated from QUT majoring in journalism and production, and spends her time filming her wildlife adventures, and advocating for change. “We tend to undermine the power of educating younger generations on climate change- but we are beginning to see the results of doing so. If we continue this trajectory the future looks positive”.

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Jackson Earngey

A young entrepreneur, Jackson is the founder of ‘The Eco Fight’ organisation, funding and advocating for ocean clean-up on a global scale, while educating the community on how they can get involved. Currently, Jackson is also the co-founder of Flow Co. a social enterprise inspiring women to make a difference on our planet by being eco-friendly and purchasing sustainable hygiene products. Jackson has an enormous following on social media and uses his platform to promote positivity, education, and inspiring information.

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Ellijah Mcintosh

Ellijah is a passionate marketer and media enthusiast. She currently studies business at Griffith University and volunteers her skills as the social media assistant for Zero+. With a deep belief in the transformative power of media, Ellijah strives to harness its potential for meaningful impact. Throughout her life, she has always aimed to make the world a better place through social justice pursuits, and believes social media is the key to doing so. Embracing the quote “Stand for something. Make your life mean something. Start where you are with what you have. You are enough”, Ellijah embodies the relentless pursuit of always trying and a commitment to make a positive difference in the world especially for our environment.

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Rachael Leeson

Rachael is a student planner for the Moreton Bay Council and has learned a lot about development and planning. Inspired by the work being done to solve climate change, during her time on the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, she has also been incredibly anxious, at times, when thinking about the future. Rachael is extremely passionate about turning eco-anxiety into action by engaging young people in projects that contribute to positive change. She has high hopes of making a difference through her work on the Zero Positive Youth Advisory Board, GenZero.

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Adam Holloway

Adam is passionate about urban ecology and sustainable cities. His experience as an electrician, with a degree in Urban and Environmental Planning, has shown him the importance of circular economies in making resources available for future generations. Adam’s belief stems from the Aldo Leopold quote “when we see land as a community and not a commodity, we will begin to use it with love and respect”. Adam is of the strong opinion that “to change mindsets we have to educate our youth on how to better look after our planet”.

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Jade Clark

Jade is a force of nature. As a volunteer at Australia Zoo, Jade spends her time caring for animals and educating the community on conservation. Jade also has a passion for marine life and would like to one day become a marine biologist and work with whales. Jade is not only an ambassador for Zero Positive but also for Koala Crusaders and other animal rescue organisations. Looking after possums and bringing them back to health is one of Jade’s impressive skills. Jade would like to see a world where people and animals coexist in harmony.

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