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With a 5-year path to net-zero-emissions, we have a real, tangible way to contribute to our nation's efforts to reduce climate impacts in energy consumption, water use, waste management, transport and regeneration.

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What teachers are saying

This program has integrity. It doesn't push some corporate agenda.

It helps kids understand the importance of data, and makes it simpler to teach.

We'll be introducing this to our entire teacher team. It makes things easier and has good educational value and outcomes.

As teachers, we're time poor. This definitely makes things easier, by replacing something we're normally doing.

This program has integrity. It doesn't push some corporate agenda.

It helps kids understand the importance of data, and makes it simpler to teach.

It all starts with data for measurement and action.

The Zero Positive program supports students and schools to use real energy data to create change. With our metering technology and data capture platform, students can keep track of their progress with emissions reduction and sustainability.


Measure and ignite learning and behaviour change with real-world experiences

Zero Positive is practical and engaging as we provide interactive tools and resources to MEASURE your school's energy, water, waste, transport and regenerative inputs.

Measurement tools help make the invisible visible and allow you to unlock a rich ecosystem of learning resources.

Tangible insights will help your school take local action to address climate change.

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Educate for sustainability with support and complete curriculum

The Zero Positive Program is designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to engage your whole school community.

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum, you will access educational resources from foundation right through to senior secondary that are interdisciplinary and ensure the program won't be an extra thing to do!

In addition, you will be connected with other schools to build relationships and connections that drive innovation and creativity and the best outcomes for all schools.

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Evaluate and go further

As part of your pledge to the United Nations to reduce your schools emissions, Zero Positive for Schools helps you evaluate and plan your journey towards net zero, and regularly evaluate your progress.

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Make the invisible visible

When you sign up to Zero Positive, you unlock a rich ecosystem of learning resources. Together, these resources turn invisible concepts, like ‘What is Energy?’, into tangible insights.

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How to get started

There are simple steps to taking part — with facilitators ready to help you set up, set your objectives and start your journey to net-zero emissions.

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With data as the foundation, an entire curriculum of activities has been designed to empower young people to improve the future of our planet.